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To create a document in the GUI
1. Do one of the following.
If you have a View open in your ViewSet, select Document > Create > New or File > New > Documentand select the applicable document type from the side menu. The list of available document types is determined by your administrator.
If you do not have a View open in your ViewSet, select Document > Create > Select or File > New > Document > Select . The Type Selection dialog box displays. Select the type of document you want to create. The types that display in this dialog box are determined by your administrator. Click OK.
The Project Selection dialog box displays.
2. Select a project to associate your document with. The projects that display in the Project Selection dialog box are determined by your administrator.
3. The Create <Document Type> window displays which resembles the Edit Item Details dialog box. Your administrator defines the fields you see in this dialog box. It is called New until you give it a name or specify Shared Text which will be used as the document title in the root of the Outline pane.
4. Define the document properties.
Your administrator may or may not have defined mandatory fields. As a result, at minimum, you need to add text to the Summary and Shared Text fields so that you can logically find your document by query. Both fields should contain the same data.
Summary: A summary of the document as you want it to display in the dialog box title. For example, “Widget Requirements”. Displays by default in queries.
Shared Text: Shared text will display as the document identifier in the Outline panel. Shared Text also displays in subsegment references.
5. Click OK. A new, empty document displays in the Document view. In the Content panel on the right, a blank row called New is available.
You can now add content to your document. For details about the ways you can create content in a document, see “Adding Content to a Document”.
To import a document from an external source select Document > Import. The Gateway Import Wizard displays.
To learn how to use the wizard, see the Gateway User Guide.