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To branch multiple documents from the Document menu in the Items view
1. Select the documents that you want to branch and select Document > Branch. The Branch dialog box displays the number of documents you are branching in the header.
2. For Select a Destination Project, select the project you want the branched documents to be a part of.
You can only apply one project to all branched documents.
3. For As Of , select an option for associating the branch with a specific point in time.
The following table lists the As Of options for branching documents.
To branch a document As Of...
Do this...
Select Now to branch the current version of the documents.
Select Date. A calendar displays, allowing you to select a date to branch the documents as of. The documents must have existed at the date and time you select or else you will get an error.
4. Click OK. The branched documents display in a list in the Item Details view.
You can edit the documents you branch using the inline edit option.
When you branch documents, traces may or may not be propagated automatically. How traces are propagated to branched documents depends on how your administrator configured the behavior of document branching in your environment. For example, an individual document with traces between items contained in the document may be set up to propagate automatically. However, if the document you are branching is more complex and has traces to items within other documents of varying types, for example, test cases, traces may have to be propagated manually after the branch occurs. To learn more about how and when to propagate traces manually, see Propagating Traces to Branched Documents.