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Branching Documents
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Branching allows you to support concurrent development of projects having very similar documents. Branching one or more documents creates a new copy of each existing document so that you can use them to begin work on a new project or document.
Key Considerations
In order for you to branch a document you must have permission to create documents and edit document properties in the target project.
You can branch one document or multiple documents at once.
Your administrator determines who can branch documents and how and when traces are propagated into the newly branched document(s).
You can view the details of an item branch on the Branches tab of the Item Detail view.
Once a branch is created, it cannot be undone.
The parent item remains unchanged during a branch operation. The branched item copies current field information from the parent item. A new entry is added to the parent item Branches tab.
Your administrator configures which fields in the type will be copied to the new item. Fields are copied regardless of whether you have permission to view or edit them.
Branching a versioned document is a way to continue development of a document from a specific version of the document from its history. Subdocuments are always included when branching versioned documents (the Included documents and Inserted documents options are selected and cannot be changed).
To branch an individual document from the Document menu
To branch multiple documents from the Document menu in the Items view
Viewing Branch Details