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To baseline multiple documents
1. For the documents you want to baseline, select the documents from an applicable view or field, for example, the Items view or a relationship field.
2. Select Document > Baseline. The Baseline dialog box displays.
3. Type the name of the Label for the baseline, for example, Project ABC System.
The specified label name must be unique (not already used for any of the selected documents). If the label name already exists, a red X icon displays and the name must be changed before you can complete the baseline. A green check mark icon displays when a unique label name is specified.
To make it easier to find a unique label name, click the Expand to view all button to display a list of existing label names.
4. Select the applicable As Of option from the list. The default option is Now, indicating the current date and time.
The following table lists the options for baselining multiple documents As Of:
To baseline multiple documents As Of...
Do this...
Select Now to baseline the current version of the documents.
Select Date. This option allows you to select an arbitrary date for the baseline. Using the calendar, select the date that corresponds to the time you want to baseline the document as of.
The date selected must not precede the most recent created date of the selected documents.