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Baselining Documents
im baseline
A baseline is a special label that can only be added to documents. You create a document baseline to mark an important project milestone. For example, you could create document baselines for an approved design document, a legal reference document, a contract, or a bill of materials. You can use document baselines for internal records and for recording external documents.
To create the baseline, you select the individual documents that are required to represent the information for your milestone. When you baseline, Windchill RV&S creates a baseline label on each of the selected documents. Each label contains the same timestamp. Baseline labels appear in the Labels tab in the Item Details view or by viewing document properties. In these views, the Is Baseline column is useful for distinguishing labels associated with a baseline from labels not associated with a baseline.
You can later view the documents included in the baseline by viewing the documents As Of the baseline label. This allows you to view the documents exactly how they existed when the baseline label was created; however, you cannot make any edits to this historical view.
Generally, a label may be any alphanumeric string without control characters. Labels may also include spaces and punctuation. If versioning is enabled for the type, the label may not use the same syntax that is used for the version identifier (that is, major.minor).
Your administrator determines the item types that allow labels and who can add labels to those items. Labels are one of several attributes that can be configured on a Windchill RV&S type. To enable or disable type attributes, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
Key Considerations
Your Windchill RV&S administrator determines who can create baselines by configuring the rules associated with adding labels on your document type.
You can baseline live and versioned documents.
You can baseline one document or multiple documents at once. When multiple documents are baselined at once, they contain the same timestamp.
If you specify a node in the baseline operation, the baseline is applied to the document that node is contained in.
To baseline a document
To baseline multiple documents
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