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Undoing and Redoing Edits During Multiple-Row Editing
During multiple-row editing, the Undo and Redo actions provide for undoing and redoing changes to the document one at a time. In addition to simple field edits, Undo and Redo support undoing and redoing inserting new content rows and deleting, moving, copying, cutting, and pasting existing content rows.
After you make a change, the Undo action becomes available. Selecting it causes the last changed field to go back to the last value that was selected for this field. If multiple changes have been made to the field value, each selection of Undo takes you back one value, until the last saved value is reached.
After Undo has been selected for a field, Redo can be immediately selected to change the value back to the previously undone value. If Undo has been selected multiple times, each selection of Redo resets the value in backwards order of the undo. If you select Undo and make a change, Redo is unavailable. Redo becomes unavailable if there are no undone actions to redo.
When you select Undo, the top panel shows the undone field in a darker color and border for a second or so. For rich text fields, text changes are chunked every time that typing pauses for 200 milliseconds or more. This means that each operation of undo or redo either removes or adds back a changed chunk. This is quite different from undo or redo in rich text fields during single-row editing where changes are removed or added back character by character.
To prevent possible memory issues from occurring, a limit of 10,000 unsaved changes can exist between manual saves. However, if you are following the best practice of saving frequently, you are saving your changes long before reaching this limit.
The alert icon in the upper right corner of the Document view displays messages for up to the last 10 undo and redo operations. For more information about this icon and special pop-up messages for undo and redo operations, see Using Multiple-Row Editing.
If you want to undo the deletion of a row without having to undo any subsequent edit operations, use the Restore Deleted Content action that is described in the previous topic.