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Service Structure Translation Packages
Before Service Information Manager Translation Management can generate translation packages for vendors to translate, the service structures and their content need to be prepared. Translation management expects the publication structure or information structure and their dynamic documents to be in a specific state and have the Translate Attribute properly set, and an XLIFF created.
The XLIFF contains the titles and other translatable text from the structure, including nested structure information such as parts lists. The Create XLIFF Automatically preference controls whether XLIFFs are generated at the same time you create a translation or a quotation package, so you can choose whether to generate them automatically or manually.
The Structure tab in the Service Structure Information Page provides the following translation management menu actions:
From the shortcut menu for service structures, choose Generate Translation Document to manually generate the XLIFF for the structure. See Generating a Translation XLIFF Document for more information.
From the Actions menu for service structures, choose Create Translation Package to generate a translation package for each of the selected target languages. See Translation Packages for more information.