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Linking Product Hierarchy to a Service Structure
After setting up a service product hierarchy, you can link a service structure to it by assigning the product hierarchy or a product hierarchy node as a Service Effectivity context on the service structure. The Manage Applicability dialog box has a Service Effectivity type of applicability, where you define the relationship by choosing product hierarchies and product hierarchy nodes for the service structure.
To link a service structure to a product hierarchy structure or node:
1. Select the service structure and choose the Manage Applicability action from the context menu.
2. Choose Add Service Effectivity and then choose the Type.
3. Use the Advanced Search for Context. In the Search On field, select which object types you want to search. The types list displays Part and all its defined subtypes. Defined product hierarchy types and subtypes are included in the list.
4. Enter the search criteria, then choose a product hierarchy or product hierarchy node from the list. After you click OK, set the Serial Number, Date or Serial Number or Date to apply to the selected context. When you click Apply or OK, the Effectivity Context you defined is listed in Service Effectivity.
This type of Service Effectivity should not be confused with the Service Effectivity that can be defined in a Filter.
When generating a publication structure from an information structure, the Service Effectivity link to the product hierarchy is preserved in the new publication structure.
By default, the list of all Part (WTPart) subtypes are presented to the user. You can control the list of subtypes by specifying the Service Effectivity contexts in the configuration file. The context configuration applies to the Service Effectivity section of the Manage Applicability window and the Service Effectivity tab of the Edit Filter window. Be sure to read Customizing Service Effectivity for information on how to deploy service effectivity context configuration for your site using this file:
Setting Up a Directory Structure for Managing Customized Files and Text Tailoring provides more implementation information.
Specify the type definition that is used in in your entry. The context entry takes the form: