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About Service Product Hierarchy
Product hierarchy allows you to organize and manage service information of products in Windchill Service Information Manager, product hierarchy is implemented as a soft type of Part (WTPart).
The nodes in product hierarchy are linked to service information to deliver context specific content to technicians. The relationship between a service structure and product hierarchy is defined by service effectivity that is set at the root of a service structure.
You can create and manage product hierarchy objects such as product families, models, types, and instances and their relationships in Windchill Service Information Manager. Additional capabilities include configuring and adding levels in the hierarchy, linking product hierarchy to other entities like one or more Service Structures, and so on.
An administrator can set attributes for a layout as part of business requirement. The service product hierarchy specific layouts are available under the Layouts tab for Product Hierarchy Base in the Type and Attribute Management utility. Navigate to Site > Utilities > Type and Attribute Management > Part > Product Hierarchy Base > Layouts to set the attributes of a service product hierarchy layout.
Service Product Hierarchy Default Layout— To create a service product hierarchy.
Service Product Hierarchy Edit Layout— To edit a service product hierarchy.
To be able to set the layouts in an updated or upgraded environment, run the following tasks using WinDU and WinRU tools respectively:
Identify Service Product Hierarchy Layouts
Update Service Product Hierarchy Layouts
Once you set the service product hierarchy specific layouts, any existing custom layout information created in Windchill 11.1 F000 or a prior release is lost and cannot be recovered.
You can view the service product hierarchy structures associated with a product by navigating to Folders page for product or library. In the Folder Contents table, select a service product hierarchy node and open it.