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About Impact Analysis Report
The Impact Analysis Report provides a way to analyze the change impact to service objects due to updates to its related parts. Using this report, you can review the items in an Information Structure or Publication Structure that have been impacted by a part change and evaluate the changes that need to be made to each piece of content. You can generate this report for a specific part to understand the potential impact to service objects in case of a part change.
For example, if a part is associated with a group or section, the report displays all content in that group as impacted. If the part is associated to a specific document, then the report displays that document as the only impacted object.
You can generate an impact analysis report at a later date after a part change. For example, a cosmetic change has been made to a part that impacts objects in a service structure. An illustrator, sure of an impact in a service object, can generate this report a week later to see the impacted service objects.
The report displays part change with existing associations only.
You can generate this report from the Structure tab of a part structure or the service structure browser page. The impacted service objects include XML, graphics, root of service structure, or groups or sections.
Generating an Impact Analysis Report
You can generate an impact analysis report for an entire service structure or a specific object in the structure. Use one of the following ways to generate an impact analysis report:
From a service structure browser page— Right-click a part in the table under Impacted By tab and select Impact Analysis Report.
From a part structure browser page— In the Reports action set of a part structure browser, click Reports > Impact Analysis Report.
The Service Content Impact dialog box opens. It displays the following information:
Updated Part— Specifies the part number, name and version of the updated part.
Impacted Content— Lists the associated service data for that part and displays the following service data attributes:
Type — Provides the icon that represents the type of service data object.
Name — Provides the name of the service data object. You can set a column in ascending or descending order by using the sorting arrows.
Number — Provides the number assigned to the service data object.