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Assigning Symptoms to a Service Structure
Symptoms can be assigned only to textual information elements in a service structure.
Perform these steps to assign symptoms to a service structure:
1. Go to the Structure tab in the information page of a service structure.
2. Right-click a textual information element and select Assign Symptom. The Assign Symptom window opens.
The Assign Symptom window displays a list of symptoms and diagnostic information in a hierarchal model of the parent symptom category with symptoms as child nodes. Only the symptoms with applicability that match the topic are displayed.
3. In the Select Symptoms section, select the relevant symptoms available under the symptom categories.
4. The list of selected symptoms is displayed in the Selected Symptoms section.
5. When finished with selecting the symptoms, click OK to assign the symptoms to the textual information element.
For more information about authoring Symptom Set, see the help topics Service Diagnostics Support in Arbortext Editor and Creating a Symptom Set topics in the Arbortext Editor online help.