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Assigning Applicability to Objects in a Folder
You can configure applicability based on options and choices and service effectivity of applicable objects contained in the folder of a product or library.
1. In the Navigator, select the Browse tab.
2. Select a product or library and expand it.
3. Select Folders to open the folder browser page.
4. To assign applicability to one or more objects in the folder,
Select the objects and from the Actions menu of the Folder Contents table, select Manage Applicability.
Select the objects in the Folder Contents table and from the context menu, select Manage Applicability.
5. The Manage Applicability window opens, displaying two panes:
Expressions — displays Assigned Item Expressions
Since the items are being edited outside of an information structure or publication structure, you can only modify Assigned Item Expressions and there is no ability to modify Assigned Usage Expressions.
Service Effectivity — displays a list of service effectivity definitions associated with the objects
See Manage Applicability for information on service effectivity.
See Options and Choices for information on options and choices.
6. Click Close to exit the Manage Applicability window.