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Service Structure Templates
You can create a new information structure or publication structure from a template. Templates are available from the Templates folder of a product or library. On the Templates page, you can choose the Information Structure Templates or the Publication Structure Templates from the list to display the available templates.
When you are creating a new information structure or publication structure (for example, from the service structure tables on the Details page of your product or library), you can choose an available template from the Template list. If no templates have been created for your product or library, the field displays No Templates Available. For more information, see Create a New Information Structure and Create a New Publication Structure.
You can create an information structure or publication structure template using the Templates page of the current product or library. From the Templates list, choose the view for the type of service structure you wish to create the template for. Then click Add to open the Add Information Structure Template or Add Publication Structure Template window. You will be prompted to search for a service structure that you want to make into a template. From the Search Results, select the service structures you wish to add to the template list and click OK. To remove service structures from the Templates list, select the service structure in the list and then click Remove to remove the template from the list.
From the Event Management window, you can view the status of the service structure generation from a template. The entry will contain the name of the generated service structure. You can also choose Subscribe from the Actions menu to receive email notifications for Generation from Template Successful and Generation from Template Unsuccessful actions. See Service Structure Information Page for more information.
You can view the service structure template information used to create it. On the Structure tab for the service structure, find the Filter group on the toolbar. Click the arrow next to Current Filter to display the Original Filter. When you click Original Filter, the Original Filter window displays the values applied from the template and any other filters used to create the service structure.
You can view whether a service structure has been designated as a template. On the Structure tab for the service structure, find the Viewing group on the toolbar. Click the arrow next to Views to display Manage Structure Views. You can either edit your current view or create a new one. When you select the columns to display under Set Column Display, add the Is Template column to the view. When the column has been added, the view displays Yes if the service structure is also a template. For more information, see Service Structure Editing.
The Regenerate context menu choice allows you to regenerate the service structure from the template used to create it. For more information, see Regenerating a Service Structure.