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Exporting Parts Lists
You can export a parts list for use in another project using the Import/Export Manager. When exporting parts lists, the parts list and comprehensive related data is exported, including the following items:
Parts list attributes
Parts list items and their attributes
Associated dynamic documents
Illustration metadata
Associated BOMs
Standalone (non-BOM) parts
Part representations
Options choices and service effectivity settings
For specific details on using the Import/Export Manager, refer to Exporting and Importing Data. Use the following steps when exporting a parts list.
1. Open the Import/Export Manager and choose Export.
2. Specify a file name and location for the exported parts list. Save the file with a .jar extension.
3. In the Objects area, click Add to display the Select Structure Type to Add window.
4. In the Select Structure Type to Add window, choose either of the following choices and click OK.
Service Structures (Information/Publication Structure) — Exports the information or publication structure and any associated parts list
Parts List — Exports a parts list (and no related structures)
5. Specify the top level object in the parts list or structure. For details on specifying top-level objects, refer to Selecting Objects to Export.
6. Click Submit in the Export window to export the parts list.