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Add Information Codes
To add an information code:
1. From the Navigator pane, select the required product and then select Templates.
2. Select Dynamic Document Templates from the Templates pull-down list.
3. Click New Dynamic Document Template (New Dynamic Document Template).
The New Dynamic Document Template dialog box is displayed.
4. Follow the normal Windchill procedure for adding new dynamic document templates.
Information Code templates are available for selection when creating a data module. A template must have a value set for the Authoring Language property (PTC_DD_LANGUAGE attribute). It is available for selection when its Authoring Language matches the default language set for the product, and the Authoring Language selected when creating a data module.
For more information, see Create a New Data Module.
The information code should be added with a name that follows this structure:
<nnn> - <schema identifier>
For example:
000 - S1000D_4-1/xml_schema_flat/descript.xsd
For more information, see Creating a Document Template..