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Create a New Data Module
To create a new data module (DM) and add it to the information structure:
1. Select the appropriate node of the information structure
This must be at the Disassembly Code Variant level of the SNS.
2. Select the Insert New > Insert New Document context menu item
The Insert New Document dialog box is displayed.
3. Select the appropriate Information Code data module template from the Information Code pull-down list
The Information Code pull-down list can be filtered by selecting the appropriate schema from the Schema pull-down list.
The templates listed in the Information Code list are identified by information code, information code variant, and technical name.
This list displays templates whose authoring language (PTC_DD_LANGUAGE attribute) matches the default language set for the product, and the value selected in Authoring Language.
For more information on information codes, see Information Code Management.
4. If required by the project rules, tick the Data Module Extension checkbox
5. If the Data Module Extension checkbox was checked, in the Extension section, select the appropriate Extension Producer and Extension Code
6. In the Attributes section, select the appropriate Location option — Autoselect Folder or Select Folder.
7. In the S1000D section, set the attributes to the required settings for the new data module
8. Optionally, you can associate a Windchill parts list to an IPD data module.
For more information, see Associate a Parts List with an IPD.
9. Select an existing BREX data module from the Brex Data Module pull-down list.
10. Click OK.
A confirmation message is displayed and the data module is created in the information structure.
You can select Insert rather than OK if you want to add more data modules at this point.
For more information, see Insert New Document Dialog Box.
There are two ways to subsequently remove a DM from the information structure:
1. Remove the DM
Select the DM in the structure and choose Remove from the context menu. This action removes the DM content holder from the information structure. The content remains in the folder structure.
2. Purge the DM
Select the DM in the structure and choose S1000D > Purge from the context menu.
You can also select the DM in the Information Element List and choose the Management > Purge context menu option.
The Purge action is a permanent removal of the DM:
Links from other objects are broken
The DM (content holder) is removed from the information structure
The DM (content) is deleted from the folder structure