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Generate Content of an ICN
The content of an illustration derived from a parts list can be used to form the content of an ICN. This step forms part of the workflow to synchronize the content of Illustrated Parts Data data modules (IPD) and parts lists.
To generate the content of an ICN:
1. Associate a parts list with the required IPD.
For more information, see Associate a Parts List with an IPD.
2. Link a parts illustration to the required ICN.
For more information, see Link Parts List Illustration to ICN.
3. Specify that the content of the required IPD should be generated from its associated parts list.
For more information, see Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) Modules.
When the IPD content is generated, the primary content of its ICNs will be updated with the primary content of their linked illustrations.
Note the following when generating the content of an ICN:
The Notation attribute of the ICN reflects the file type of the original illustration.
The ICNs will be listed in the IPD in the order defined by the Print Order attribute inherited from the parts list illustration.
The workflow state of all ICNs associated with an illustration must permit work. If not, their content cannot be updated.