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Link Parts List Illustration to ICN
You can link an illustration derived from a parts list to an Information Control Number (ICN). When generating the content of an IPD from a parts list, any ICNs will receive the primary content of their linked illustration. The resulting IPD will include supporting graphics or multimedia objects.
For more information, see Illustrated Parts Data (IPD) Modules.
To link a parts list illustration to an ICN:
1. Open the parts list in the Parts List Editor.
2. Navigate to the Related Objects tab in the Information Page for the parts list. The Dynamic Documents table provides a list of all illustrations that are associated with the current parts list.
You may need to create and customize a new tab using if this is not visible.
See Changes to the Related Objects Tab for information.
3. Select an illustration in the table and click Associate Information Control Number.
4. The Associate ICN dialog box opens, in which you can search for and select the ICN to link to the selected illustration.
5. Click OK to exit the dialog box when you have made your selection.
Note the following when linking illustrations and ICNs:
An illustration may have multiple ICN associations
An ICN may only be associated with a single illustration