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Create a New Parts List
To create a new parts list, and then add it to the information structure:
1. In the Navigation pane, select Folders under the required product.
The Folder Contents pane is displayed.
2. From the Actions menu, select New > New Parts List Information Element.
The New Parts List Information Element dialog box is displayed.
3. Select AAD Parts List (Aerospace and Defense Parts List) from the Type pull-down list.
If you are working with products created with earlier releases, you may need to configure your product to make this type available. For information, see Configure S1000D Product Preferences.
4. Enter the required name and description in the Name and Description boxes.
5. In the Attributes section, select the appropriate Location option; Autoselect Folder or Select Folder.
6. In the S1000D section, set the attributes to the required settings for the new data module.
7. Click OK.
A confirmation message is displayed and the new parts list information element is created in the selected product folder. You can then use the Insert Existing feature to add the parts list to the information structure.
For more information, see New Parts List Information Element Dialog Box.