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Add a BREX Data Module
The first data module that is normally created is the business rules data module, or BREX. The association of a BREX to a data module is mandatory in S1000D Issue 4.01 and 4.1.
It is usual to place the BREX data module under the Disassembly Code Variant nodes of the product.
You can have a different set of business rules for particular parts of the product. For example, the hydraulic system, where a sub contractor is supplying the hydraulics and the prime contractor has agreed a set of business rules in the contract, may have different business rules. In these cases, there can be multiple BREX data modules which apply to different parts of the product. These can be placed in the appropriate system nodes of the product.
To add a BREX data module:
1. Select the appropriate node of the information structure.
2. Select the Insert New > Insert New Document context menu item.
The Insert New Document dialog box is displayed.
3. Select the BREX data module (for example, 022 - Business rules) from the Information Code pull-down list.
4. If required by the project rules, check the Data Module Extension checkbox.
5. If the Data Module Extension checkbox was checked, in the Extension section, select the appropriate Extension Producer and Extension Code.
6. In the Attributes section, select the appropriate Location option; Autoselect Folder or Select Folder.
7. In the S1000D section, set the attributes to the required settings for the new data module.
8. Select Current Data module from the Brex Data Module pull-down list.
Alternatively, you can select another existing BREX data module.
9. Click OK.
A confirmation message is displayed and the data module is created in the information structure.