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Using Windchill Workspaces
Windchill Workgroup Manager provides you with a workspace – a private area managed by Windchill that enables you to collaborate on a project with other designers.
The primary purpose of a workspace is to allow you to work on a portion of a design without impacting data in the Windchill commonspace. Once you are ready to expose design changes to the rest of your team, you can check in your design in Windchill.
In Windchill, you can create multiple workspaces. This is useful if you are working on several projects at a time, enabling you to maintain each project’s data in a dedicated workspace.
For more information, see Introduction to the Workspace.
Viewing Objects in a Workspace
Once you save a file from your application or check out an object from Windchill, it appears in your private active workspace in Windchill.
To view objects in your workspace, click the active workspace node in the Folder navigator. The embedded browser shows the contents of the workspace.
You may wish to customize the view of the workspace table (for example, add columns that display important object attributes) by creating a new table view or modifying an existing one. You can create several views for different purposes. For example, you may have a view that shows the status of the objects, such as out-of-date. For more information on creating custom views of the workspace table, see the Windchill Help Center topic, Creating and Editing New Table Views.
To obtain information about an object in the workspace, open its information page by clicking the information icon . The information page called from the workspace presents the workspace-relevant details for the object.
The object’s information page opened from the commonspace may have different contents than the information page opened from the workspace.
You can configure how objects are displayed in the workspace table by selecting the desired view. You can select one of the following views:
As a List (default)
Featured Objects—Featured Objects is a view designed to restrict the number of objects displayed in the workspace to the ones likely to be the most interesting to you, as defined by the following rules:
Include objects initially selected for Add to Workspace or Check Out actions
Include all checked-out objects
Include all objects modified locally or in the server-side workspace
Include drawings included for selected items
The Featured Objects view filter is sticky, and will retain your last view selection should you navigate away from the workspace and return. Toggling the view between As a list and As a Featured Objects list in the workspace toggles the value setting for the preference, Workspace > Workspace Display, between All items and Featured items, respectively.
Populating a Workspace
There are several ways to populate your workspace. Some of them include:
Save an object from your CAD application’s session using Save or Save to Workspace.
Locate and then check out and download an object from a commonspace folder in Windchill to your workspace.
Import objects into the workspace from a location on your hard disk.