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Keeping Your Workspace Objects Up-to-Date
An object stored in your workspace can become out-of-date after other users have made modifications to some of its components. You can update selected workspace objects to make sure they remain current with the latest server information.
You can check the status of a workspace object by adding these optional status columns to your workspace table view:
Out of Date Status
Out of Date with Workspace Configuration Status
If you set up a view to show the status column, a glyph indicates that the object is out-of-date.
Due to performance considerations, you may want to create a custom view that can display the optional status columns when needed (using the default view for more rapid performance during routine PDM activities). For more information on creating custom views of the workspace table, see the Windchill Help Center topic, Creating and Editing New Table Views.
To update objects in the workspace, use the workspace Update action available from the workspace page of the embedded browser or standalone Windchill.
Another way to make sure everyone on the project has access to an up-to-date design is to periodically check in your updates into the commonspace.
For more information, see Keeping Workspace Objects Up-to-Date.