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Connecting to a Windchill Server
To work with Windchill, you must register a Windchill server and select an active workspace on that server.
Registering a Server
1. In Creo Parametric, select Tools > Server Management; or in the ribbon, select File > Manage Session > Server Management. The Server Management window opens. The Servers tab has two sections: the top section lists registered servers, and the bottom section lists the workspaces available on the selected server.
2. Select Server > Register New Server. The Register New Server window opens.
3. Specify the server name to appear in the Folder Browser.
As a working practice, it is recommended that all users in a company register the server using the same name.
4. Specify the location by entering the URL to the Windchill server. You can get this information from your Windchill administrator.
On the WindchillHome page, the browser address bar contains the server name and location; everything before “/app/” in the address. For example,
5. Click Check to validate the server location.
6. Enter the user name and password in the authentication window.
7. Select the active workspace.
If you are setting up your connection for the first time, a default workspace is created in each Windchill product that you have access to. If you are connecting to a previously registered server, you can select from a list of available workspaces. For more information, see Creating and Activating a Workspace.
8. Click Close.
9. Designate the primary server by right-clicking it in the list and selecting Set as Primary Server (or in the Server Management window, by clicking Server > Set as Primary Server).
Once registered, the active workspace is listed in the Folder Navigator. If desired, you can now create your own workspace on the primary server and set it as active. For more information, see Creating and Activating a Workspace.