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Renaming Objects
You can use Rename from the workspace to rename only objects that have never been checked in. After the objects have been checked into the commonspace, you can no longer rename them from the workspace. Instead, you can rename them from the commonspace if you have Modify Identity access permissions.
1. From the workspace, select one or more new objects to rename and select File > Rename.
From the commonspace or a commonspace view of an object information page, select Rename from the Actions menu.
2. Set new values in the New Name and New File Name fields. You can either enter values directly into the text fields available in each object's row, or you can select object rows and click the set new name icon to access the Set New Name window where you can specify patterns for renaming objects.
For more information, see Setting New Names.
3. Selecting one or more objects and clicking the reuse icon keeps its current name within the newly-named object structure.
4. Click OK.