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Creating a New CAD Document
CAD documents are Windchill objects that are used to manage Creo Parametric data in Windchill.
CAD documents can be created using the following approaches:
On-the-fly – When you create and save a new object in Creo Parametric.
Created from Windchill – When you create a new CAD document in the workspace. This can be done from the embedded browser or from standalone Windchill browser.
Creating a New CAD Document from Creo Parametric
When you create a new object in Creo Parametric and save it to the workspace, it creates a new CAD document in your workspace.
Creating a CAD Document from a Workspace Page
1. Go to the workspace page in the embedded browser or in a standalone Windchill browser.
2. From your workspace page, select File > New > CAD Document or click the new CAD document icon . The New CAD Document window opens.
3. Specify the following fields:
Organization ID
Authoring Application—Selecting the authoring application may preselect values for other attributes, for example Category and Type and Template Name.
Template Name—Select the CAD document template to use.
You can click the Default button to save the currently-selected template as the default. When you revisit the New CAD Document window, the previously-saved default value is preselected in the Template Name menu.
4. Specify values for the attributes in the Attributes pane. The attributes listed depend on the template selected, but typically the following attributes are available out-of-the-box:
If autonumbering is on, Number is not shown as a required field and the word Generated is displayed.
File name
New Revision
The default location is the current workspace. If you want to specify a different location, click Select Folder and enter a path or browse to a folder within your selected context.
5. If you want to open the newly-created CAD document in the authoring application, select the Open in Authoring Application checkbox (available in the embedded browser only).
6. Click Finish. The new CAD document is created in the target workspace.