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Checking In Your Work to Windchill
To make your modifications available to other members of the team, you need to check in the object in to Windchill. Checking in your files removes the lock on the reserved objects.
The Creo Parametric integration with Windchill provides two ways to check in an object:
Auto Check In–Checks in objects from the active session of Creo Parametric to the Windchill server using default values set in your workspace's configuration specification. This method of checkin is only available from Creo Parametric.
Custom Check In–Allows you to specify options for the check-in process. The custom method is available from both Creo Parametric and the workspace page.
After you have checked in your object into Windchill, you may want to clear your workspace. For more information, see Clearing a Workspace.
For more information, see Checking In Objects.