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Adding an Object to the Workspace
1. In Windchill, locate the part/assembly of interest.
2. Right click the object and select Add to Workspace.
3. The Add to Workspace page opens on the Basic collection tab that specifies the related objects (in addition to the ones you selected) that are collected for the Add to Workspace action.
The default setting – Dependents is set to Required — specifies that all dependent children (which are necessary to fully define the selected object) are included for the Add to Workspace action.
4. Accept the default and click OK. This loads the objects into the selected workspace.
The default target location is your active workspace.
Once CAD documents are in your workspace, you may want to open them in the authoring application. In the Actions column, click Open in Authoring Application.
From the workspace, or from almost any place in Windchill that an object is listed, you can click the icon to access the object information page.
For more information, see Adding Objects to the Workspace.