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Approving Multiple UDI Submissions
Many customers have product lines with similar products. After UDI objects are in the Approval state, users can approve several UDI submissions at once, instead of manually approving each submission.
To approve individual submissions, see Approving Individual UDI Submissions.
Follow these steps to update multiple UDI submissions that are similar.
1. In your UDI library context, click Submissions to Approve.
2. In the Submissions to Approve table, select the UDI submissions to approve.
3. Click the approve submissions icon . The Submissions to Approve window appears with the following information in the Submissions table:
Common Attributes—This section contains the fields that are common across all selected UDI submissions.
Approvals—This section contains the fields that are unique to a UDI submission. If a UDI submission has no value for a specific field (the field is blank), and the field is listed as a common attribute with a value, the field is shown with a strikethrough.
4. In the Submissions to Approve window, do the following:
Comments and Routing Options are applied to all selected submissions.
To view a PDF version of the report, click the view report icon next to each item.
The Submissions to Approve window can include attributes from the Type and Attribute Management utility in Windchill. Because of this, you might see additional attributes that are not reflected in the printed report. The printed report only contains the information sent to the regulatory agency that requested the UDI submission.
a. Under Submissions, select the items to approve.
b. In the Comments field, enter your comments if applicable.
c. Under Routing Options, do one of the following:
To approve the UDI submissions, click Approve. This moves the UDI submission to the next state.
To reject the UDI submissions, click Reject. This moves the UDI submission back to the UDI Creation state.
d. In the Password field, type your password.
e. Click Finish.