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Approving Individual UDI Submissions
Follow these steps to approve individual UDI submissions.
To approve multiple submissions at the same time, see Approving Multiple UDI Submissions.
1. In the My Tasks table, click the UDISubmission Approval task.
2. In the Task Action section, click View Report Details to view a PDF of the report and verify that the report is correct.
3. Under Routing Options, do one of the following:
To approve the UDI submission, click Approve. If there are no delays or failures, the UDI submission appears in Folder Contents in the Closed state.
To reject the UDI submission, click Reject. This moves the UDI submission back to the Creation state.
4. In the Password field, type your password.
5. Click Complete Task. If you approved the UDI, the system submits the UDI to the FDA.