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Evaluate a New Nonconformance
In the evaluation step, an authorized user, or evaluator, assesses the information received during intake and determines whether this information meets the criteria of a nonconformance, should be investigated, or should be canceled.
If the evaluator specifies that the report does not meet the criteria for a nonconformance, it is moved to the closure step with no other steps available.
If you are assigned to the nonconformance evaluator role, use the following procedure to evaluate a new nonconformance:
1. On your Home page, click the name of the nonconformance you would like to review from the My Tasks table.
You can also select Enter Review Details from the right-click actions menu in the Quality Tasks table.
2. On the task page, click Enter Review Details.
3. Enter the following information:
To see information relevant to the nonconformance, including its affected objects and previous workflows, click Structure in the upper-right corner of the window.
Business Impact
List of possible business impacts (optional)
Evaluation Due Date
Date the evaluation is due
Further Investigation Required?
If set to No, then the investigation workflow step is skipped and the nonconformance proceeds directly to the plan disposition state.
Evaluation Comments/Rationale
Comments or rationale about the nonconformance evaluation
Perform Disposition
If set to Need more Information, then the nonconformance returns to the intake state.
4. Click Complete Task. Depending on your selections, the nonconformance continues to another workflow state.