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Editing Failure Effects
To edit a failure effect, you must have permission to edit failure effect objects in your quality context. This permission is assigned to the Quality System Manager and Reliability Engineer roles out-of-the-box.
To edit a failure effect, do the following:
1. In your quality context, click Failure Effects.
2. In the Failure Effects table, right-click the failure effect and select Edit Failure Effect.
3. In the Edit Failure Effect window, complete the following fields:
Required. Enter a name for the failure effect.
The system automatically generates a number for the failure effect. The number provides another way for users to search for a failure effect. This field is not editable.
Suggested Severity
Enter the severity of the failure effect. Examples include the following:
Low, medium, or high
No risk, moderate risk, or high risk
A number from 1 to 10 representing the severity
Select a tag for the failure effect. Click the plus sign to add more than one tag to the failure effect.
Use tags to group failure codes for easier filtering and searching.
To create additional tags for failure effects, users with the correct permissions can add them as an enumerated list. For more information, see Enumerated Value List Constraints.
Required. Select Yes if the failure effect is obsolete or No if the failure effect is not obsolete.
4. Update the necessary fields and click OK.