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Submitting a Regulatory Report
This topic applies to all regulatory report activities except eMDRs. The submission of eMDRs is performed automatically by Windchill Customer Experience Management. For more information, see eMDR Process Overview.
If you are assigned to the Regulatory Report Creator role, use the following procedure to document the submission of the regulatory report:
1. On your Home page, in the My Tasks table, click the report submission task.
Instead of navigating to the task page, you can right-click the task in the My Tasks table and select Enter Submission Details.
The Subject column in the My Tasks table lists the customer experience identification information.
2. On the task page, click Enter Submission Details.
3. In the Create Regulatory Report Submission window, review the information. Optionally, in the Date Submitted field, click the calendar icon or type a date in yyyy-mm-dd format to indicate the date the report was submitted.
4. Click Finish to move the regulatory decision activity to the Closed workflow state with no further states.