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Approving a Regulatory Report
If you are in the Regulatory Report Approver role, follow these steps to approve the report.
At any time you can click Save and continue working on the report approval at a later time.
1. On your Home page, in the My Tasks table, click the report approval task.
The Subject column lists the customer experience identification information.
Although most customer experience tasks allow for the task to be opened using the right-click menu, this approval step must be done on the task page itself. You must left-click the task in the My Tasks table.
2. In the Task Action section, click View Report Details and then click View Report to review the report.
3. When you are done reviewing the report, close the report window and View Report window.
4. In the Comments field, enter your comments if applicable.
5. Under Routing Options, do one of the following:
To approve the report, click Approve. This moves the report to the Submission workflow state.
To reject the report, click Reject. This moves the report back to the Creation workflow state.
6. In the Password field, type your password.
7. Click Complete Task. The report moves to the next workflow state, depending on what was selected in the Routing Options field.