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Processing a Returned Product
If you are assigned to the Customer Experience Product Receiver role, use the following procedure to process a returned product:
Because a product investigation activity can be used even if the product was not returned (for example, for a review of the design or manufacturing history of a product), this step might not apply. If a physical product is not returned for this investigation activity, leave all fields blank and click Finish.
1. On your Home page, click the returned product processing task from the My Tasks table.
Instead of navigating to the task page, you can right-click the task in the My Tasks table and select Enter Returned Product Processing Details.
2. On the task page, click Enter Returned Product Processing Details.
3. In the Create Returned Product Processing window, under Returned Product Processing, enter the date and quantity of the returned product.
4. Optionally, under Return Processes, click the add history record icon to add a record of any specific return processes used. The Process Type field is required for each row. If separate laboratories are required to run each process type, use the Date Received field.
5. Click Finish to move the product investigation activity to the Investigation workflow state.