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Investigating a Product
If you are assigned to the Customer Experience Product Investigator role, use the following procedure to investigate a product after a returned product has been processed:
Because a product investigation activity can be used even if the product was not returned (for example, for a review of the design or manufacturing history of a product), certain sections of the Create Product Investigation window might not apply. Only fill in the sections that apply to the investigation at hand and leave the rest of the fields blank.
1. On your Home page, click the product investigation task from the My Tasks table. The Subject column lists the customer experience identification information.
Instead of navigating to the task page, you can right-click the task in the My Tasks table and select Enter Product Investigation Details.
2. On the task page, click Enter Product Investigation Details.
3. In the Create Product Investigation window, under Product Investigation, enter the date and quantity of the received product, along with a summary of the investigation. Although the date and quantity received were recorded in the Returned Product Processing state, separate labs often do the processing and investigation work. The date and quantity can be used here to track that the product was received at the lab that was doing the investigation work.
4. Under Tests Performed and Results, click the add row icon to add relevant information in the Test Description, Pass/Fail, and Test Results fields.
5. Under Failure Codes, click the add FMEA icon or the add reported experienced effect icon to add a new failure code.
If you created a failure code from the add reported experienced effect icon in the intake state, you can update the existing information.
If you created a failure code from the add FMEA icon in the intake state, you cannot make updates.
For more information, see Failure Codes.
6. Under Product History Review, click the add icon to add relevant information in the History Review Type, Result, Date Performed, and Comments fields.
7. Under Disposition, click the add icon to add relevant information in the Disposition Type, Date, Quantity, Dispositioned By, and Comments fields.
8. Click Finish to complete the product investigation. The product investigation activity moves to the Closed state with no further workflow states.