Windchill Help Center – 11.1 M010
Windchill Help Center – 11.1 M010
The following content categories are available:
Content Category
This category contains the Windchill What’s New information, which describes the features from previous releases that have changed or been removed, new features that have been added, API changes, and changes in behavior that affect users and require customers to take action with regard to both Windchill and Windchill Workgroup Manager.
The basics of Windchill, such as user setup, product navigation, understanding objects, and the tools available to collaborate with others.
The various ways data can be organized and managed in Windchill; for example, managing product structures, projects, and change. This category does not include documentation for those capabilities purchased separately from the basic Windchill solution.
Add-on capabilities purchased in addition to a Windchill solution; for example, Windchill Requirements Management, Windchill MPMLink, and Windchill Supplier Management.
Overview of Windchill administration concepts and activities. Also included are the day-to-day management of the out-of-the-box Windchill solutions and administration of contexts, data, users, and collaborations.
System setup and configuration, advanced administration activities (such as administering visualization, policy access control rules, reporting, and so on), administering optional products, and using command line utilities.
Administration activities specific to installations across multiple servers or locations, including:
Remote site administration (replication and file vaulting)
Exporting, importing, and archiving Windchill data
Exporting and importing of packages across Windchill systems
Integration with enterprise production systems, such as SAP or Oracle applications
Integrated products, or products that support integrations with Windchill, such as Info*Engine, Windchill Workgroup Manager, and Windchill Integrations for Embedded Software.
Installing and configuring Windchill solutions, updating installations (for maintenance releases, adding languages, and adding optional products), and upgrading from release to release.
Overview of the Windchill customization process, a customization tutorial, and information on customizing the Windchill user interface.
Customizing optional Windchill products and advanced customization points for product functionality (such as business object customization, infrastructure customization, Info*Engine task creation, and so on).
Information on using the Windchill Help Center