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Assumptions for Installing QMS
For additional requirements, see Before Using the PTC Solution Installer. This topic assumes the following:
You are using mostly default options for the installation.
You are using the English language.
You have the CDs necessary to execute the installation (see Products Needed to Install QMS) and you are installing directly from those discs.
You have two CD/DVD drives.
Installation directly from CD/DVD discs requires two CD/DVD drives. You can perform an installation with one or no CD/DVD drives, but you must copy the installation media to a hard drive (or equivalent) first.
You are using the Windows operating system.
For a list of supported operating systems, see the Windchill software matrix on the Reference Documents web page:
Select the following document search criteria:
Product—Your product
Release—The current release
Document Type—Matrices - Software
You are using Oracle DBMS, and you have already created a named database user instance to be used with this installation. For more instructions, refer to Installing Oracle.
You have identified a temporary folder as a staging area where the PTC Solution Installer copies the contents of the installation CDs.
You can create a staging area in one of three ways:
Use the PSI Copy to staging prompt.
Copy the contents of CDs manually through the operating system.
Download installer archives from and expand them into new folders within the staging area folder.