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Windchill CAPA Requests
Windchill CAPA allows you to create requests for corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs). Once a CAPA reviewer approves the CAPA request, it becomes a CAPA and passes through the various workflow states. All CAPA users can create a new CAPA request except for CAPA Guests.
For more information, see Windchill CAPA Roles.
To create a new CAPA request, use the following procedure:
At any time, you can click Save and continue working on the CAPA later.
Use the step navigator at the top of the screen to quickly move to a different step in the procedure.
1. Click the new CAPA request icon on the CAPA page or the Home page. The New CAPA Request window appears.
If your site has security labels enabled, you might see the Set Security Labels step.
For more information about setting security labels, see Setting Security Labels while Creating an Object.
2. Complete all steps as described in Creating a New CAPA Request.
3. Click Complete Task. The CAPA is saved and moves to the next workflow state.
To create a CAPA request from an existing item, see Creating a New CAPA Request from a Nonconformance, Complaint, or Existing CAPA.