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CAD Document Templates and Creo Parametric Start Parts
Both Windchill and Creo Parametric use default template files when creating a new object. In Creo Parametric these objects are called start parts and in Windchill they are referred to as CAD document templates. The Creo Parametric start parts traditionally reside on your local file system, while the CAD document templates are stored in the Windchill database. In a concurrent engineering environment, you may find it challenging to keep all of your CAD document templates up-to-date with your Creo Parametric start parts.
To remedy this, you may find it useful to manage your Creo Parametric start parts in the Windchill database. Additionally you can also create new CAD document templates that reference the same start part files. The result is that regardless of whether a designer uses Creo Parametric or Windchill to create a new object, both applications use the same set of template files.
Other advantages to managing your start parts in Windchill PDMLink are:
They are easily updated.
They are easily distributed.
They are version controlled.
Same objects are used for all new Creo Parametric CAD documents.
For more information, see Managing Creo Parametric Start Parts In Windchill.