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Backing up LDAP Directory Data
The following steps explain how to back up your LDAP directory data using the control panel.
1. Start the control panel. For more information, see Starting the Control Panel.
2. Select Directory Data > Backup....
The Run Backup window opens.
This window allows you to specify the backup parameters. Use the default parameters for a full backup that starts immediately. Click Changeā€¦ to select a delayed start time or schedule a backup task to run on a periodical schedule. Refer to Backing Up and Restoring LDAP Directory Data for information about using command lines to Back up and Restore Windchill Directory Server data.
A best practice is that each site define a formal backup procedure on how often to create backups, types of backups to create (full or incremental), and where to store them.
3. Click OK.
4. The Run Backup window opens and displays the success or failure of the operation. To display additional information such as the command line used, click Details. You can resize your window to see all the information.
5. Click Close.