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Windchill Visualization Services
Windchill Visualization Services converts CAD, XML, document, and other data formats into a neutral file format during a process called publishing. The converted, published data is stored as a representation. Representations can be viewed as thumbnail images, which are displayed on part information pages and listings throughout Windchill. Selecting a thumbnail image launches Creo View, data viewing and visualization tools, in which you can view the files and properties related to the selected thumbnail, as well as create annotations of the data. You can create annotations and measure distances between various elements within the view.
To use Creo View functionality, you must download and install a Creo View client from the Software Downloads page. You can learn more about Creo View using the online help available within the application.
Downloading and Installing Creo View
This section applies to all versions of Creo View.
If Creo View is made available for download on the server, there are two ways to get to the installation:
Use the Software Downloads window as described below:
1. Click the Quick Links button at the top of the page and select Software Downloads from the drop-down list.
2. Click Accept to accept the terms of the license agreement. The Software Downloads page appears.
3. Under the Setup and Installation heading, click Creo View Installation. You will be prompted to Install Creo View.
When you choose to install Creo View, you will see the Creo View installation page, where you can select installation options, languages, and destination directory.
When a client opens any information page of a Windchill document, there is a link to Install Creo View in the Visualization panel under the viewable. This link appears only if a Creo View client installation is not detected on the local client machine, or if the local installation could be upgraded to a newer revision. Click Install Creo View to display the Creo View installation page.
The Creo View installation page (accessed from the Software Downloads window, above) also contains a link to a complete installer (.msi file), which can be used if desired, or if the download and installation fails. The complete installer will default to installing only English language support. If you need to install support for another language, you must use the Advanced option.