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Modifying Table Display
You can manipulate table columns in order to see the information that is most useful to you. You can re-size, re-order, hide, lock, and wrap columns.
Table Action
Resize columns
Click and drag the right edge of any table cell in the column that you want to resize. You can also resize the entire table by clicking and dragging the bottom edge of the table.
Some table columns have a fixed width and cannot be changed, for example, the object icon and checkbox columns.
Reorder columns
Drag-and-drop the column to your desired location.
Modify columns that display in the table
Click the column’s drop-down list, and select Columns. A list of available columns displays. Select the check boxes for the columns you want to display in the table.
Lock columns on your table. When you scroll to the right, those columns will remain in your view.
Click the column’s drop-down list and select Lock. Every column that appears before that column in your table will also be locked. Unlock your column selections at any time by selecting Unlock.
See all labels for the column
Click the column’s drop-down list and select See All Labels. A pop-up window with a list of all the type-specific labels defined for the column appears. When an attribute is available on more than one type of business object, each business object may have labelled it with a name that is better suited to the context of that business object. This list displays the labels defined for this attribute on the different types of business objects that are displayed in this table.
Hover the cursor over a truncated label to see the complete label displayed in the tooltip.
This functionality is available only when the table displays more than one type of business object and the name of this attribute is not the same on all these types of objects.
Wrap text in a column so that it appears on multiple lines
Click the column’s drop-down list and select Wrap Text. Unwrap you column at any time by selecting Unwrap from the column’s drop-down list.
Group information based on a column
Click the column’s drop-down list and select Group By This Field or the Show in Groups checkbox. Both options result in the same action. That is, the table information is grouped by that column.
Once the table is grouped, note the following:
The table can also be sorted. Hold the SHIFT key to do a tertiary sort of the information.
The table cannot be locked.
To group by a different column, click the other column and select Group By This Field. You do not need to remove the previous grouping first.
To remove the table grouping, select any column and clear the Show in Groups checkbox.
This functionality is not available in Workspace or Structure table.
Once you have configured the columns, you can quickly save your configuration by clicking the View drop-down in the upper left corner of the table and selecting Save As View. After entering a name for your view, you can return to your view by selecting it from the View drop-down. Otherwise, your table changes persist for the duration of your browser session.