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Changing Your Password
If an Actions menu is present on your user profile page (accessed from Quick Links > My Settings > Profile ) you can select the Edit Password action to change your own password. If this action does not appear, contact your administrator to find out how to change your password.
Perform the following steps to change your password:
The current user displayed on this window matches the user name of the user whose password is being changed and cannot be modified.
1. Type the current password in the Old Password field.
2. Type the new password in the New Password field. Refer to the Password Policy help page to review the password policies in effect for your organization. There may be restrictions on the types of characters that you can type or the character length of the password. Additionally, in Windchill your password cannot begin or end with a blank space.
3. Re-type the new password in the Confirm Password field. The text you typed in this field must exactly match what you typed in the New Password field. If the text does not match, an error message appears when you click OK, indicating the text does not match.
4. Click OK to change the password, or if you do not want to change the password at this time click Cancel. After clicking OK, a message appears indicating whether the new password has been accepted.
If you receive a message indicating that the user password is not accepted, retype and confirm the new password. If the password is still not accepted after retyping it, consult the Password Policy for your organization.