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Received Deliveries
A received delivery manages the import process of the ZIP file or files from an importable package delivery received on a target Windchill system. When users with separate Windchill systems need to collaborate on design data, they can exchange data using an importable formatted package delivery so that the imported data is available for viewing and usage on the target system. The received delivery object is central to the steps to import the information sent from the source system.
The Received Delivery Management and Mapping Management utilities provide the ability to upload, preview, define mappings, and import the delivery ZIP files. Together, these utilities support the ability to receive and import the information sent from the source system in a package delivery ZIP file or files.
Received Delivery Management Utility
The Received Delivery Management utility is available from the Utilities page in Products and Libraries contexts. It contains a list of all received deliveries uploaded into that context. Use this utility to upload received delivery files and work with received delivery objects. For more information, see Received Delivery Management Table.
Mapping Management Utility
Mapping definitions as well as saved conflicts and resolutions are managed from the Mapping Management utility, which is available from multiple contexts. The Mapping Management table lists source systems representing the systems from which you have received package deliveries. Use this utility to manage the translation of attribute information specific to each source system from their Windchill system to yours. For more information, see Mapping Management Table.
Limiting Access to Imported Data
As the objects that are imported into the target system are not owned by the target system, the imported objects are locked to restrict the actions that users can take on the objects. When an object is imported through a received delivery, the Product Design Package lock is automatically applied. By default, this lock limits user permissions to Read, Download, and Change Permissions. Permissions are restricted to only this set. Users with the Administrative permission on the object have fewer permissions restricted by the lock and may be able to work with the object as they do with other objects in Windchill. For more information, see About Lock on Imported Objects.