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Mapping Management Table
The Mapping Management table shows you source systems from which you have received at least one delivery at some point in time. Each line in the table represents a different source system. Its primary purpose is to allow you to translate valid attribute values, such as the life cycle template associated with an object type, set in the source Windchill system into attribute values in your Windchill system. It also allows you to modify information describing the source system itself.
The table is available from the Mapping Management utility, which can be found on the Utilities page in the Products, Libraries, Organizations, and Site contexts.
Tables can be configured in different ways. For more information about working with tables, see Using Tables.
The columns available in the Mapping Management table give you basic information about each source system in the table. The following default columns are available. Depending on your configuration or the selected view, additional columns may appear. For more information about table columns, as well as other information about tables, see Using Tables.
Last Known Domain
Domain of the source system.
Source System Identifier
Source system from which information has been received. This information is unique for each Windchill installation.
Windchill Version
Windchill version of the source system.
Actions are available at the top of the Mapping Management table.
Establish a translation between the source value and values on the current Windchill system for select attributes.
Modify attributes associated with the source system.
Delete a source system along with any defined mappings and conflict resolutions from Windchill.
Before you can delete a source system, all received deliveries associated with the source system must be deleted. Objects associated with the source system can remain in your Windchill solution.
Download Resolutions
Opens a CSV file that lists the conflicts and resolutions previously saved and associated with the source system.
You can modify this file.
The modified CSV file needs to be converted into XML prior to re-loading it into Windchill. For more information about how to convert the file, see About the CSV2XML Utility. For more information about the file, see Defining Received Delivery Conflict Resolutions Using a Load File.
Refer to the <Windchill>\loadFiles\ConflictResolutions.csv file for a template of the conflict and resolution file formatting, where <Windchill> is the location where Windchill is installed.