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Track Activity Work
Project managers and activity owners can use the Track Work action to enter actual work, set the activity status and risk level, and complete an activity.
When you update the work completed for an activity that includes resources, the work is divided equally among the associated resource assignment tasks. For example, if you track 12 hours of work for an activity that has 4 resources, then 3 hours are automatically added to the Actual Work totals for each associated resource assignment task. For more information, see Track Work.
If the plan is in automatic execution mode, you can complete an activity without manually entering attributes.
Select Complete from the right-click actions menu of the activity.
1. To track work for an activity, perform one of the following actions:
From the Schedule table, select Track Work from the right-click actions menu of an activity.
From the Tasks table, select Track Work from the right-click actions menu of an activity.
From the activity information page, select Actions > Track Work.
2. From the Track Work window, complete the following fields:
Actual Work
% Work Complete
Enter the number of hours you have spent on the activity into the Actual Work field.
Enter a percentage into the % Work Complete field.
When you enter a value into one field, the other is automatically calculated.
Entering a value greater than 0 into either field sets the Actual Start date for the activity.
If you enter 100 into the % Work Complete field, you complete the activity and set the Actual Finish date.
Status Description
Select one of the following:
Green—Indicates that there are no risks or obstacles; ready to proceed.
Yellow—Indicates caution; check before proceeding.
Red—Indicates an alert of high risk; do not proceed.
Optionally, enter a brief explanation for the status setting in the Status Description field.
This field does not appear if an activity includes resource assignments or if the activity type is configured for automatic calculation. For more information, see Project Status.
Risk Description
Identifies the probability that the work might not be completed by the due date.
Optionally, enter a brief explanation for the risk setting in the Risk Description field.
Completing an activity updates the Actual Work value to match the number of hours scheduled for the activity. To preserve the number of hours tracked for an activity once it is completed, set the Project Planning > Keep Actual Work preference to Yes in the Preference Management utility.