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Resource Assignment Information Page
You can access the resource assignment information page by clicking the information icon where it appears next the resource assignment in the following tables:
From the activity information pages, the assignment appears in the Resources table.
The Tasks and My Tasks tables.
You can perform actions on a resource assignment task from several locations:
The Actions menu on the resource assignment information page.
The right-click actions menu in the Tasks and My Tasks tables.
The Resources table located on activity information pages.
If the plan is in auto-execution mode, the availability of actions depends on the plan and activity state. For more information, see Auto-Execution State and Available Actions.
Edit the resource assignment task, including status, the amount of work required to complete the task, and the resource units assigned for the task.
Editing these attributes might affect the scheduling attributes defined for the associated activity.
Update the associated activity with the amount of work completed so far, including the status and estimated finish date.
When you track work for a resource assignment task, you are simultaneously tracking the work completed for the associated plan activity. For more information, see Track Work.
Complete the assignment without manually entering work information.
Reassign the task to another resource. Work already tracked for the assignment is unaffected.
Tabs and Tables
You can customize the tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you.
Administrators might have modified the default tabs that are viewable to you. Additional tabs might appear depending on the solutions deployed at your site.
Click the add tab icon to create a new tab. When you create a new tab, the Customize menu appears, allowing you to view any additional information tables that might not appear on the default tabs. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
The following tabs are available from the resource assignment information page:
Details—Provides information on the attributes listed below.
Baselines—Includes the Assignment Baselines table, where you can view changes in assignment information over time.
Deliverables—If the resource assignment is for a deliverable activity, the Deliverables tab appears. The tab includes the Associated Deliverables table. You can use this table to view all subject objects associated with the activity. For more information, see Deliverable Activities.
The resource assignment information page lists attributes for the activity to which the resource is assigned, but recalculates those attributes so that they reflect the specified resource.
For a list of attributes commonly available in Windchill, see Object Attributes.
% Work Complete
The percentage of work the resource has completed for this assignment.
Activity Name
The activity associated with the assignment.
Actual Start
The date and time when the resource first tracked work towards the assignment.
Actual Finish
The date and time when the resource reported the assignment completed.
Actual Work
The number of work hours the resource has tracked for this assignment.
The calculated resource cost for the task.
Estimated Finish
The date and time when the associated activity is scheduled to be completed.
Remaining Work
The number of work hours the resource still has to complete for this assignment.
The name of the resource.
Risk Type
The probability set by the resource that the task can be completed by the due date.
Risk Description
A description providing a reason for the risk designation.
Estimated Start
The date and time at which the associated activity is scheduled to begin.
Select one of the following:
Green—Indicates that there are no risks or obstacles; ready to proceed.
Yellow—Indicates caution; check before proceeding.
Red—Indicates an alert of high risk; do not proceed.
If the associated activity type is configured to automatically calculate the status, you cannot edit this field. The default behavior is to allow manual calculation. In this case, the status you set for the resource assignment determines the status of the associated activity. For more information, see Project Status.
Status Description
A description providing a reason for the status designation.
The units assigned to the resource for this task.
Resource units are the percentage of workday hours that the resource can devote to the activity.
Resource Unit Percentage = Activity Work Hours/Daily Work Hours*100
For example, if you assign 50 units to a resource, the actual amount of time that resource can spend on project work depends on their calendar:
If the resource works a standard 8-hour workday, then that resource can work on the activity 4 hours per day, or 20 hours per week in a 5-day work week.
If the resource works a 24-hour workday, then that resource can work on the activity 12 hours per day, or 84 hours per week in a 7-day work week.
Using resource units as a scheduling mechanism supports projects that include resources with unique work calendars. Calculating resource units as a percentage provides more visibility to project managers when a resource might be overextended. If the resource units exceed 100% for a particular resource, then the project manager knows that the activity schedule needs to be adjusted accordingly.
For more information on how units are used when scheduling activities, see Activity Schedule Calculation.
The number of work hours required to complete this assignment.