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Deliverable Information Page
Deliverables represent the tangible or measurable output of a project or program. For example, a deliverable might be a document that must be delivered by a specific date. To identify the content that is being delivered, deliverables can have subjects such as documents or parts. You can also associate deliverables with plan activities, indicating that the deliverable should be the output of the activity work.
You can access the deliverable information page from the following locations:
Click deliverable icon in the Schedule table.
Click the deliverable name or information icon in the Tasks table.
From the activity information page, navigate to the Deliverables tab. Click the information icon next to the deliverable in the Associated Deliverables table.
From the information page, you can perform actions on a deliverable, as well as view the object attributes and any related information. For an overview of information page functionality, see About Information Pages and Customizing Information Page Tabs.

The deliverable information page includes several actions that are frequently available from the Actions menu. For more information on those actions, see Common Actions.
The availability of these actions depends on the status of the deliverable, as well as your access to it. For more information about status indicators, see Accessing Data and Object Status.

Tabs and Tables
You can customize the tabs that appear on each object information page to display the information most useful to you.
Administrators might have modified the tabs that appear.
Click the add tab icon to create a new tab. When you create a new tab, the Customize menu appears, allowing you to view any additional information tables that might not appear on the default tabs. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
The following tabs are available from the deliverable information page:
Details—Provides information on the deliverable attributes listed below.
Related Objects—Lists any subscriptions and the Associated Activities table.
Baselines—Includes the Deliverable Baselines table, where you can view changes in plan information over time.

The Details tab displays the deliverable attributes.
For a list of attributes commonly available in Windchill, see Object Attributes.
Activities associated with the deliverable.
The date after which the deliverable is considered overdue. The deadline is displayed in red once it has passed.
The actual or expected date on which the deliverable work is completed.
The team member who is responsible for the successful completion of the deliverable. Although only project or program managers can create deliverables, any team member can be assigned as an owner.
The actual or expected date on which the deliverable work begins.
The Windchill object that contains the primary data associated with the deliverable output. For example, if the deliverable represents a sales proposal that is saved in Windchill as a document.
The life cycle state of the subject object displays in the State column in the Tasks table.