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Creating a New Product Family
A Product Family is the parent object under which a Product Family structure is created. A Product Family structure is used to organize similar products into a reusable structure comprised of product models and product model groups. Product families are created in Product or Library contexts.
Create a Product Family using the New Product Family window. Use the following procedure to create a new Product Family.
1. Navigate to the Product Families table of the Product or Library context where you want to create the Product Family.
2. Select the New Product Family action from one of the following locations:
The Actions menu, select New > New Product Family.
The New Product Family icon on the Product Families tab.
3. If your administrator has defined multiple Product Family object types, then make a selection from the Type drop-down menu. Administrators can specify the default type through a preference.
4. Enter a name and description for the new Product Family.
5. Make a selection for any of the attributes that you are able to select. The following attributes may already be specified by your administrator through an object initialization rule.
Life Cycle Template
Team Template
6. Click Next to go to the Set Security Labels page. Security labels are a means to classify sensitive information and restrict access to only authorized users. For more information, see Security Labels and Agreements. This is an optional step and the Set Security Labels page is visible only when your site is using Security Labels.
7. Click Finish to complete the action. The information page for the new Product Family displays.
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