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Product Family Information Page
The Product Family information page is a collection point for information related to a Product Family. You can access the information page for a Product Family by clicking the information icon for a Product Family listed in the Product Families and Search Results tables, and the right-click actions menu on a Product Family object in the Matrix Editor. Product Family information page links are also available from the information pages of the Product Family objects within the Product Family structure.
The Product Family information page contains the following tabs:
Displays Product Family object and system attribute information, as well as the configurable module and option set that have been assigned to the Product Family.
The space where a Product Family structure is managed. The tab consists of three areas: an action tool bar, a structure pane, and a pane where information is displayed for an object selected in the structure pane. For more information, see Product Family Structure Tab.
Variant Baselines
Displays the variant baselines created in the Product Family. For more information, see Variant Baselines Tab.
This tab is visible only when the profile for variant baselines is enabled.
A Product Family is a top-level object that is used to structure product model groups, product models, and variant specifications that have similar configurable components so that they can be organized together to create efficiencies in reuse, design, and planning.